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It was a long day in Phoenix and with the day coming to an end, I was in need of a cocktail... or two... maybe it was three. I can't remember. But that's also the sign of a good time.
"We're going to the basement of an old car garage," I was told. Huh? What was I getting into? But surprisingly as you go down the steps to UnderTow, you're transported to an experience like you've never had before. You feel like you're onboard a ship that's slowly making its way through the Atlantic Ocean. (Well, it might be different when you visit since it all depends on what chapter they're on in the story.)
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It's a tight fit in the bar. The seating is limited so it's encouraged that you either get there early or make a reservation. Alas, when you're a guest of the owner... well, you get the idea.
To hear the story of how UnderTow came to be is fascinating. Remember, the location was a former lube shop. For it to become a tropical haven filled with interactive screens making it look like you're downstairs in a boat is pretty wild.
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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley broadcast from Phoenix for spring break
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Elsewhere in Phoenix, it has become a long-standing tradition that I stop at a KFC while in a new city. This dates back to one of our first tourism press trips when I was away at Easter and couldn't enjoy the big turkey family dinner. Everything was closed that night in Montreal and chicken was the closest thing I could get. Ever since, I've made a point of popping in for a photo opp.
JB chats about the bar