Things get wild at the zoo
It's almost become a tradition that we visit a local zoo when in town. Thankfully Phoenix has a really cool zoo that offers guests the opportunity to get up close with some of the animals. I was promised an interactive visit so I was excited to check it out.
Also, I love the sign telling gun owners they can't be trigger happy there. It's a notice I don't think I've ever seen anywhere in Canada.
The heat was beating down so I was pre-warned that the animals might not be all that active during our tour.
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During our camel encounter, the humped friends seemed welcoming to being touched and stroked. If there's one animal that can handle the desert climate, I guess it's a camel. They were slow moving and seemed happy to just walk around in circles from time to time. The zoo offers rides and people can do a couple of laps on the back of one.
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