Let's eat!
The Churchill is community gathering place made up of local entrepreneurs, foodies and old shipping containers. And when those team up, magic happens! Our visit to the complex was just before lunchtime so the smell of food was in the air. And the timing was perfect because I was hungry! A perk of being the guest of a co-founder is that I got a little taste of everything. Bring. It. On.
The little bag of deliciousness was heaven. Thankfully my dining partners weren't into it so I was able to have three of them. Quite refreshing when the desert heat is getting to you. Also, the pizza was unlike anything I'd ever had before. Not your traditional pizza sauce, not your traditional cheese. It was pretty good from Freak Brothers Pizza.
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JB chats about The Churchill
The open concept really does lend to the community feel of the place. It's open, the communal tables let you see all around and pull up a seat wherever there is room. There's an open area to play games and relax. Plus, the rooftop deck lets you enjoy the weather outside and still keep an eye on the action down below.