Being a writer and someone who was notoriously bad at math and science in school, I felt a visit to Arizona Science Center would be intimidating. In fact, it was anything but. (And the air conditioning was wonderful!) Currently there is an exhibit about mummies so I was fairly interested in seeing what exactly would be shown there.
I was promised hands-on exhibits and an experience unlike any other. Plus, our tour was after hours so we had the run of the place. Deal. It's on!
Sliding through a colon. Come on, you've wanted to do it. You know that. But as I walked through and prepared to slide through the chute (oh geez) I was greeted by some internal/external sounds to complete the visit. (You know what I'm talking about.) And it had been such a long day that I was already pooped by the time I got there.
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Mummies, colons and more!
Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley broadcast from Phoenix for spring break
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I took part in a competition to see if I could shut down my brain quicker than someone else. Yes, all these years in radio finally came in handy! Sure enough, I won. It was awkward to sit there wearing a helmet and trying to stop thinking and have no thought stream at all.