Around Phoenix
I enjoy getting out and about while in a new city. With Phoenix I wanted to avoid the heat as much as possible but there comes a point when you realize you just can't. So, naturally, I hopped aboard a pedicab. As Billy weaved through the streets of Phoenix, he told us stories about the various communities we rode through. We heard about the artist graffiti adorning many of the buildings on the tour. (Some he knew and others he made up -- but which is which? Hmmm.)
As the ride continued, Billy was greeted by waves and honks from people. Clearly we were in good hands with a local celebrity as a tour guide. By the end of our one-hour journey I was amazed at how he was able to tolerate being dressed in heavy black clothing because I was practically melting in the backseat and I even had somewhat of a roof over me.
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Top of The Charts and The Open Road with Jeremy Bradley broadcast from Phoenix for spring break
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JB chats about the tour