Going carefree in Carefree
It was about 45 minutes of driving for us to get to Civana Spa and Resort in Carefree, Ariz. With the desert sun beating down on us I was excited to escape into the coolness of the spa. We were greeted with refreshing smoothies as we got a tour of the property. The place is so spread out that you really can't make a day trip out of it. I'm thinking a week would be enough time. I can't comment on the entire spread-out property because there just wasn't time to explore it all but from what I did see they've done a really nice job.
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Aerial yoga was also on tap for our visit to Civana. I'd never done yoga before so naturally my first attempt would be wrapping myself in fabrics and hanging upside down. This is where flexibility and, quite frankly, trusting in the material hanging from beams comes into play. There was a lot of hesitance at first but eventually I was able to complete all the moves. Strangely, it was when we were lined up against a wall that I felt dizzy and needed to bow out. (I'll blame the desert heat for that!)
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