Getting up close at the zoo
The stingray exhibit allows zoo guests to get in the water (somewhat) for a feeding experience. I was given a quick lesson about how to hold the food so the stingrays could swim over and get it. I was also introduced to many of the creatures and told their country-music-artist names. Yes, there's a Faith Hill. Yes, there's a Luke Bryan. And naturally, there's a Dolly Parton.
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These two are some of the oldest residents at the zoo. These giant turtles also have giant mouths. Even though they are slow moving, their sheer size is intimidating. When you see the giant mouth coming at you because you're holding out a treat for them, you can't help but fear for your fingers! When I was able to knock on their shells I wondered if they could even feel it. I also kind of felt bad that they had bird poop on their backs! Apparently feathered friends gather on the turtles sometimes.
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JB chats about the zoo

JB chats about the stingray exhibit